Technical flooring: PVC, Rubber, Linoleum

Pvc, linoleum and rubber, for their technical characteristics, are practical solutions for public buildings, as well as private industrial and commercial buildings. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector, in hospitals and in the food processing industry for their ability to meet the strict hygiene requisites of those sectors and for their ease of cleaning. They are resilient, versatile floor coverings and are also used on stairways, stages and perimetral shells. Using inlaid methods, it is possible to customize them, inserting geometrical designs.

Textile floorings: moquette, nonwoven felt and carpets

Moquette in synthetic or natural fiber offers a wide range of colors and designs, characterizing any environment with comfort and personality. Elegant, functional squares of self-laying carpet, they are easy to remove and are recommended in locations requiring frequent maintenance. Carpeted floors, in addition to being versatile and highly decorative, are ideal also for the excellent index of noise absorption, particularly sought after by hotels.

Prefinished hardwood flooring

Wood is a completely renewable raw material. The many varieties on the market make it possible to combine a hardwood floor with every style of furnishing. We offer collections with uniform veining and classical shades for sober, elegant rooms, and with more definite and variegated tints for rustic and modern settings. Choosing a hardwood floor means combining the warmth of a natural element with esthetics and eco-sustainability. In recent years, this type of flooring has expanded to include new species of wood, new formats and new techniques for laying them, in order to satisfy in the best possible way our clients’ demands of elegance and practicality.

Flooring in LVT and laminate

LVT flooring is very modern: supplied in slats similar to wood, it has an excellent esthetic impact and easy upkeep. It is very long-lasting, as it is basically made of pvc. It is the ideal alternative for renovations, both residential and commercial, and can be laid on existing floors rapidly and with minimum disturbance. Laying the flooring on a padded base, which also ensures good sound absorption, makes the flooring in LVT perfect also for offices and apartments in condominiums. The most economical alternative solution is laminated flooring. It has the advantage of providing a highly resistant surface and can be produced in the colors of wood as well as in modern tints. It is also easier and quicker to install.

Industrial flooring in resin

Resin, used mainly in the industrial sector, serves as a protective finish on the concrete slab. It creates a smooth, even surface, thanks to its high quality standards, and guarantees excellent features in terms of function, durability and appearance, respecting the specific hygienic requirements in force for every sector. Its characteristics, which vary depending on the thickness and types of products used, are: wear resistance, ability to withstand heavy loads, easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes in a wide range of colors and is now used even in modern residential interiors because it lends itself to custom compositions.